What to eat and What to Avoid

Eating restrictions are pretty easy to understand in this diet. There is a wide range of whole plant-based products allowed in the diet. In this way, you will be receiving a great variety to try new dishes.

What to eat in a plant-based diet:

Fruits: All kinds of whole fruits are allowed in this diet. You just have to have fruits in their organic form. Don’t use fruit juices or dried fruits and other refined options.

Vegetables with no starch: All vegetables are allowed in the diet such as leafy greens, zucchini, broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, and others.

Vegetables with starch: Vegetables with starch content are also accepted in this diet. So, you can utilize potatoes, legumes, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, plantains, squash, and others.

Whole grains: All whole grains with 100% purity are allowed in this diet. You can utilize brown rice, whole wheat, oats, and other whole grain choices in your plant-based diet.

Beverages: In the category of beverages, you can only use plant-based milk without any sweetness. Also, water, tea, coffee, and green tea are allowed options in this diet.

Spices: All kinds of spices are accepted in the plant-based diet.

Sources of omega-3: All safe sources of omega-3 are promoted during the plant-based diet. So, you are motivated to include flax seeds, chia seeds, and other resources in your meals.

What to avoid in a plant-based diet

Meat: All kinds of meat products such as fish, seafood, poultry, red meat, and even processed meat products are not allowed in a plant-based diet.

Eggs: You can’t eat eggs, as it contains high cholesterol content.

Dairy: All forms of dairy products are not accepted in this diet. You have to avoid milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, buttermilk, and half-and-half.

Vegan replacements: Vegan replacements of meats and cheese are also not allowed. Such replacements contain high oil content, which is not acceptable in the plant-based diet.

Added fat: You have to say no to all kinds of added fats such as coconut oil, butter, margarine, and all other liquid oils.

Refined flours: Any flour that is not 100% in terms of whole wheat is not accepted. You can’t use refined flours in your diet.

Added sugar: Any food item with added flavoring or sugar is not allowed. Along with that, you have to say no to energy bars, candy bars, cakes, cookies, and all other junk food options.

Beverages: In the category of beverages, you can’t have soda or even fruit juices. Even the fruit juices with 100% purity are not allowed. At the same time, you are recommended to stay away from energy drinks, sports drinks, tea drinks, blended coffee, and other harmful beverages that contain flavorings or high-sugar content.